Best Films About Happiness And Life You Should Watch

Movies hold a unique power—they can entertain us, move our emotions, and even make us shed a tear or two. Conversely, they can fill us with joy. Yet, the most memorable films are those that take us on an emotional rollercoaster, guiding us from one sentiment to another, Movies For Happiness.

In these cinematic journeys, we experience catharsis by immersing ourselves in the lives of characters. As they grow, learn, and uncover the true wellsprings of happiness, they inspire us to do the same. They instill in us a belief that we too can uncover our own happiness, Best and Top Films about Happiness and Life.

When we set out to select the best movies that delve into the theme of happiness, we were looking for more than just films that paint a rosy picture. We wanted movies that would motivate you to embark on your quest for happiness.

1. Forrest Gump (1994)

If you're seeking a film about triumph over adversity and the pursuit of happiness, Forrest Gump should be your first choice. Despite physical disabilities and a low IQ, Forrest acquires invaluable traits such as cherishing friendship, contentment, and an openness to life's possibilities.

Wherever his remarkable journey takes him, Forrest consistently seeks the silver lining in every situation. This mindset leads him to one achievement after another. Even in the face of heart-wrenching losses, such as his mother's passing, Forrest persists.

Ultimately, Forrest embodies his mother's wisdom: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Through mindfulness and a positive outlook, Forrest discovers happiness.

2. Sister Act (1992)

Whoopi Goldberg shines as Deloris Wilson, a Las Vegas lounge singer who, after witnessing a murder, finds herself in witness protection within a convent, adopting the identity of "Sister Mary Clarence." Deloris initially struggles to conform to the convent's rules and, as a form of penance, is tasked with revitalizing the lackluster choir.

Over time, Deloris not only leads the choir to newfound glory but also discovers the true essence of friendship and the profound impact of her musical talents. In the process, she finds her own happiness.

Deloris realizes that her previous life as a lounge singer was a facade, and her genuine self is a compassionate and caring individual. With humor and heart, Goldberg and the nuns provide a delightful portrayal of a life filled with purpose.

3. The Sound of Music (1965)

This beloved musical drama, which claimed five Academy Awards, has etched its way into the hearts of millions as a timeless feel-good classic. Beyond its unforgettable songs, including Julie Andrews' captivating performances, the film's enduring power lies in its story.

The plot revolves around Maria, a young novice nun, who unexpectedly falls in love with Captain Von Trapp and his family while working as their governess. Through patience and love, Maria wins over both the children and their stern father.

Set against the backdrop of Austria during the rise of the Nazis, the Von Trapps and Maria find solace in music and escape to Switzerland. Ultimately, their love for music becomes their unbreakable bond, offering solace through life's challenges.

4. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir, this film stars Julia Roberts as Gilbert. It chronicles Gilbert's transformative journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of happiness through world travel.

Following a divorce, Gilbert embarks on a global adventure, indulging in the pleasures of Italy, exploring spirituality in India, and finally finding balance and love in Bali. Along the way, Gilbert learns valuable lessons about herself and the unpredictable nature of life.

Her interactions with other women during her journey serve as mirrors for self-reflection, leading her to embrace self-happiness.

5. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

While often regarded as a quintessential Christmas film, the message of "It's a Wonderful Life" resonates year-round. The story centers on George Bailey, a man contemplating ending his life on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, his guardian angel, Clarence, intervenes just in time.

Clarence shows George what life would be like if he had never existed, revealing the profound impact George has had on the lives of those around him. George comes to realize that his life is brimming with goodness, and his existence has brought joy to countless others.

In the end, George embraces his life, acknowledging its true worth.

6. Billy Elliot (2000)

"Billy Elliot" is a poignant coming-of-age tale about a boy who discovers his passion for ballet. Despite his father's initial objections rooted in societal stereotypes about male dancers, Billy secretly pursues ballet and demonstrates his extraordinary talent.

Billy's journey teaches him that life's satisfaction lies in pursuing his dreams, and his father's eventual support and sacrifice underscore the importance of embracing one's true calling.

7. Happy Feet (2006)

In "Happy Feet," we encounter another character who finds happiness through pursuing his passion, much like Billy Elliot. However, this character is not a human but an animated emperor penguin named Mumble.

Mumble is born with the inability to sing like his fellow penguins, but he possesses a remarkable talent for dancing. Initially, his dancing sets him apart from the colony, but in the end, it becomes the key to saving the colony and finding love and acceptance.

8. Good Will Hunting (1997)

In this Oscar-winning screenplay written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Matt Damon portrays Will Hunting, a self-taught math genius who works as a janitor at MIT. When his talent is discovered, he's offered a chance to study math and receive counseling to avoid jail time.

Through therapy, Will comes to terms with his intelligence, confronts his painful past, and begins to move forward in life. Ultimately, he finds happiness by accepting himself and embarking on a new chapter.

9. Love Actually (2003)

This British romantic comedy weaves together multiple love stories, showcasing different forms of love and acceptance. While it predominantly focuses on romantic love, it also explores various other facets of human connection.

With an ensemble cast featuring Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, and more, the film depicts people discovering their happiness through their relationships with others.

10. Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

"Little Miss Sunshine" is a heartwarming tale of the Hoover family's extraordinary journey to get their daughter, Olive, to a beauty pageant in California within a tight timeframe. Along the way, they encounter numerous obstacles, including vehicle troubles.

Amidst the chaos, they rally around Olive, allowing her to perform a unique dance routine at the pageant. Even though they concede that Olive may never enter another pageant, they find happiness in supporting her dream.

11. Despicable Me (2010)

In this animated film, Gru, a villain with grand aspirations of stealing the moon, has his plans disrupted when he becomes the guardian of three young girls. Through his unexpected role as

 their father figure, Gru discovers that happiness can be found in doing good rather than pursuing a life of villainy.

12. Amélie (2001)

Nominated for five Academy Awards and garnering immense popularity worldwide, "Amélie" tells the whimsical tale of a Parisian named Amélie with a vivid imagination and a warm heart. Her decision to return a childhood memento to its rightful owner sets her on a path to bring happiness to others.

Amélie's journey teaches us that true joy can come from making others happy and finding wonder in life's everyday moments.

In these films, we find a common thread: the pursuit of happiness through self-discovery, acceptance, and the meaningful connections we forge with others. These cinematic gems remind us that happiness is not just an emotion but a journey, and one that we can embark upon in our own lives.