Movies Like John Wick You Should Watch For More Action

The only things that brought purpose to John Wick's existence were his beloved car and the puppy that had been a parting gift from his late wife. Once a renowned assassin, John had forsaken his former life after falling in love and deciding to embrace domesticity, leaving behind his past without looking bac, Films Like John Wick

While he is grieving and striving to hold himself together, he has a fateful encounter with Losef Tarasov, the son of a Russian mafia boss. Intrigued by John's car, Losef quickly realizes that no amount of money could persuade John to part with it. Consequently, Losef and his henchmen break into John's home, subjecting him to a brutal beating and ruthlessly killing the puppy, but they make the grave mistake of sparing John's life.

This event shatters John, prompting him to revert to his former ways and embark on a personal vendetta against the Russian mob empire, determined to take them down single-handedly. His reputation as a legendary figure has led many to question if he truly exists or if he is merely a fabricated legend, with their doubts dispelled only when they witness his actions firsthand.

Now that the fourth installment of this thrilling series has been released, let us explore some movies akin to John Wick that will satiate your thirst for action until the next film arrives.

1. The Matrix

Let's kick off the list with another Keanu Reeves film, The Matrix, a captivating blend of fantasy and science fiction that showcases unforgettable action sequences. At the core of the film lies the enigmatic question: What is the Matrix? However, unraveling the answer requires delving into a mind-bending rabbit hole.

Set in a world where humans are unknowingly trapped within a simulated reality, serving as a power source for intelligent machines, The Matrix follows the compelling struggle of humanity as they fight to break free from their oppressive captors.

Enter Neo, the chosen one, who holds the key to awakening humanity to the truth. But before he can fulfill his destiny, he must master his extraordinary abilities with the guidance of the charismatic rebel, Morpheus. Yet, not everyone is willing to confront the harsh realities of the real world, as the illusory comforts of the Matrix hold many in its grasp.

Can Neo be entrusted with the fate of humanity, or is he merely another beacon of false hope destined to disappoint? The Matrix poses this profound question while taking audiences on an exhilarating journey through a world where perception and reality intertwine.

2. The Equalizer

Not every story needs a happy ending, and few understand this better than Robert McCall, leading an ordinary life with a regular job. However, when a young girl named Teri falls victim to a brutal assault by Russian mobsters following a dispute, McCall finds himself unable to suppress his inner demons any longer. Offering the mobsters a chance to release Teri in exchange for money, they arrogantly dismiss his plea, unknowingly making the gravest mistake of their lives. What follows is McCall's relentless quest to dismantle the entire mob organization.

McCall emerges as the voice for the voiceless, instilling a sense of security in the hearts of the people. Utilizing his lethal skills, he methodically eliminates those who pose a threat to society.

Starring Denzel Washington, this film showcases his exceptional talent, and a sequel was released a few years ago, leaving fans hopeful for more. For those in search of movies similar to John Wick, The Equalizer is a captivating choice that will not disappoint.

3. Taken

When a father issues a chilling warning that he will stop at nothing to rescue his abducted daughter, it's a declaration that should be taken seriously. Enter Bryan Mills, a former government operative who finds himself relying on every skill in his arsenal to save his daughter upon learning of her kidnapping. Despite being physically separated from her by thousands of miles, he is compelled to let the events unfold, feeling helpless in the face of the situation.

Driven by a deep-rooted determination, Mills embarks on a perilous mission, reminiscent of countless others he has undertaken in the past. However, this time, there is a crucial distinction – it's personal. As we accompany this devoted father on his most significant quest, we witness the emotional torment he experiences at every step, his desperation intensifying as he inches closer to his daughter's captors, fervently hoping that he can reach her in time.

This gripping tale explores the depths to which a father will go to protect his child, showcasing the emotional turmoil and unwavering resolve that define his journey.

4. Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher, a military legend and former army investigator, has left people questioning the reasons behind his departure from his prestigious position, despite being bestowed with numerous honorary titles. With a reputation as a formidable and dangerous individual, he poses a threat to anyone who crosses his path.

In this action-packed film, Jack Reacher assists an attorney representing an ex-military sniper accused of committing a seemingly random and brutal act of killing five people. As the investigation unfolds, what initially appears to be a straightforward case unravels to reveal hidden depths, placing Jack and those who aid him in grave danger.

Confronted with the enigmatic Jack Reacher, individuals who believe themselves to be above the law are forced to confront their own limitations, questioning their own abilities in the face of his relentless pursuit of justice. This thrilling movie is available for streaming on Netflix, providing audiences with an enthralling action experience.

5. Deadpool

One superhero movie that took the world by storm with its unexpected success is the R-rated gem from Marvel Studios.

Meet Wade Wilson, a wisecracking individual with an outrageous personality who dabbles in borderline illegal jobs. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers he has an incurable form of cancer. Desperate for a chance at survival, he enters a secretive mutant program. Enduring grueling torture, he emerges with extraordinary superhuman abilities and an unparalleled healing factor that allows him to recover from any physical injury.

Embracing his newfound powers, Wade Wilson transforms into the irreverent and larger-than-life persona known as Deadpool. With a penchant for breaking the fourth wall and directly engaging with the viewers, Deadpool has become a household name, blending his superhero-spoof brand of comedy with exhilarating action sequences.

This Marvel Studios creation has captivated audiences with its unique blend of humor, self-awareness, and thrilling superhero antics, cementing Deadpool's status as a beloved and unconventional hero.

6. American Sniper

Based on the true story of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, this film delves into the life of a soldier who finds it impossible to leave the war behind. Even in the comfort of his home, surrounded by his loving wife and child, the echoes of gunfire continue to haunt him. Chris Kyle is plagued by an unshakeable desire to return to the battlefield, driven by his precision and lethal skills, which make him the target of rebels, further endangering his already precarious existence.

Every time he pulls the trigger, Kyle is faced with the weight of split-second decisions, hoping that he doesn't inadvertently harm innocent lives. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, this movie takes audiences on a patriotic journey, shedding light on the sacrifices made by soldiers who risk their lives daily without receiving the recognition they deserve.

With its slow-burn intensity, this film offers a gripping and thought-provoking experience, reminding viewers to appreciate and acknowledge the dedication of soldiers who selflessly serve their country. Fans of movies like John Wick will appreciate the depth and emotional resonance that this story brings to the table.

7. Fury

"Fury" is a World War II movie that stars Brad Pitt, signaling trouble for the Nazis. In the chaos of war, situations tend to worsen before they improve, and only the most resilient individuals can survive—those who have already embraced their mortality. Army sergeant Don Collier leads a seemingly impossible mission behind enemy lines, accompanied by just four men. From the start, it appears that the odds are stacked against them.

How many enemies can they face before succumbing to the overwhelming numbers? In war, trust in your comrades is paramount; if you can't rely on your partner with your life, failure is imminent. A significant amount of bloodshed is often necessary before the war can come to an end, and only a select few will have the opportunity to taste the fruits of the aftermath. "Fury" presents a disarming poignancy and unflinching cruelty, making it a challenging movie to digest. Viewer discretion is advised.

8. Edge of Tomorrow

While the concept of aliens invading Earth may seem familiar, "Edge of Tomorrow" takes a fresh approach by incorporating a puzzling plot at its core. The film revolves around William Cage, a soldier who has never experienced actual combat and, as a result, lacks the necessary skills to fight the aliens. However, a twist of fate occurs when he finds himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day every time he dies in battle.

This unique ability to reset the day allows Cage to improve his skills and knowledge with each iteration, making him more formidable against the alien threat. While it may have been easier to give up and accept a final death, Cage discovers that he holds the key to humanity's fate. To save mankind from this foreign invasion, he must join forces with Sergeant Rita Vrataski, another skilled soldier.

As they work together, Cage and Vrataski strive to find a way to break the time loop and alter the course of events, ultimately hoping to secure humanity's survival. "Edge of Tomorrow" combines thrilling action with a mind-bending narrative, offering audiences a captivating and suspenseful ride as they witness the high-stakes battle against the alien invaders.

9. Commando

In this high-octane action film, John Matrix, a former soldier, finds himself thrust into a dangerous situation when his former comrades start being murdered. As a warning, John is alerted to the imminent danger that surrounds him. Unfortunately, his worst fears come true when his daughter is abducted by the perpetrators. They intend to use her as leverage, knowing that she is the only person John would be willing to kill for.

However, these kidnappers underestimate John's exceptional abilities and his unwavering determination. Rather than succumbing to their demands, John formulates a plan to take the fight to them. With his unmatched survival skills and relentless spirit, he is prepared to face an entire army if necessary to save the one thing that truly matters to him – his daughter.

Enduring seemingly insurmountable odds, John will stop at nothing to rescue his daughter, defying all expectations and demonstrating his unwavering love and loyalty. This thrilling film showcases intense action sequences and showcases John's incredible resourcefulness as he battles against all odds to protect his loved one.

10. Oldboy (American Version)

Joe Doucett's life takes a devastating turn when he hits rock bottom, but little does he know that his journey is about to become even more harrowing. Abducted and imprisoned in a hotel-like room, Joe is completely cut off from the outside world. The only solace he finds is in a television that serves as his only form of distraction and connection to the outside.

As he remains trapped, Joe discovers through the TV that his wife has been murdered, and he is wrongfully blamed for her death. Enduring unimaginable torment, Joe spends two decades confined in this nightmarish existence before being unexpectedly released one day. Now free, his sole purpose becomes seeking vengeance against the person responsible for his prolonged suffering, while also seeking forgiveness from his daughter for his absence in her life.

In his relentless quest for justice, Joe uncovers that these events are intricately linked to his own past. Determined to uncover the truth, he retraces his steps, only to face continued misfortune and obstacles along the way.

This gripping story takes audiences on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and redemption as Joe Doucett fights against all odds to unravel the truth behind his imprisonment and seek retribution. Despite his ongoing streak of bad luck, Joe's indomitable spirit and unwavering determination push him forward in his quest for justice and personal redemption.

11. Mad Max (1979)

In a dystopian future where civilization has crumbled, Mad Max presents a grim world where chaos reigns and survival is the only goal. Max, once a part of the dwindling remnants of law and order, finds himself pushed to the edge when his wife and child are brutally taken from him by ruthless criminals. Consumed by grief and a burning desire for vengeance, Max descends into madness, his sanity slipping away as thoughts of retribution consume his every waking moment.

Driven by a singular purpose, Max embarks on a treacherous journey to seek justice for his family. With only his wits and instincts to rely on, he navigates a dangerous landscape where danger lurks at every turn. Mad Max portrays the heartbreaking tale of a shattered man, clinging to survival in a world devoid of hope, where each moment is a struggle to stay alive.

This classic film invites viewers to immerse themselves in a gritty and unforgiving universe, where the pursuit of revenge becomes Max's only reason to keep going. Witness the raw emotion and relentless determination as Max fights against the odds, painting a vivid picture of a broken soul's search for justice in a world on the brink of collapse. Prepare to be captivated by the intensity and despair that define Mad Max.

12. Léon: The Professional

In the thrilling film "Leon: The Professional," the protagonist Leon may be skilled in killing, but he harbors no personal enjoyment in it. He reluctantly takes on contracts solely for financial support. However, when a brutal massacre leaves only a young girl named Mathilda alive, she seeks refuge with Leon, turning their lives in a new direction.

Leon becomes a mentor to Mathilda, teaching her the lethal skills he is most familiar with. As their relationship develops, they learn from each other and grow together, becoming a formidable duo. While Leon is wary of Mathilda losing herself in a quest for vengeance, he ultimately leaves the decision in her hands, aware that her journey is her own.

This unique thriller not only captivates with its intense action and violence but also tugs at the heartstrings. Amidst the gore and brutality, the bond between Leon and Mathilda brings a sense of emotional depth to the story. Their complex dynamic showcases the power of human connection and the transformative potential of relationships, even in the darkest of circumstances.

"Leon: The Professional" offers a thought-provoking exploration of morality, identity, and the consequences of violence. It is a gripping film that combines action, emotion, and character development, leaving a lasting impact on its audience.

13. Kill Bill

In the action-packed film "Kill Bill," the protagonist, known as The Bride, attempts to leave her life as an assassin behind and start anew. However, her plans are brutally disrupted when she is attacked on her wedding day, resulting in a coma and the loss of her unborn child. Consumed by grief and fueled by a burning desire for revenge, The Bride awakens after four years with a single purpose in mind: to seek retribution against those who took everything from her.

With unwavering determination, The Bride creates a list of her targets and embarks on a relentless mission to hunt them down. Crossing off names one by one, she confronts her adversaries with deadly precision and skill. "Kill Bill" presents a no-frills, action-packed experience reminiscent of films like "John Wick," as The Bride unleashes her wrath upon those who wronged her.

This thrilling revenge tale not only showcases intense fight sequences and stylized violence but also delves into themes of resilience, empowerment, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit. As The Bride navigates her path of vengeance, viewers are captivated by her transformation from victim to formidable force, making "Kill Bill" a must-watch for fans of action-packed films with a hint of grit and vengeance.

14. I Saw The Devil

"I Saw The Devil" is a powerful and intense South Korean film that explores the depths of revenge and the consequences it can have. The story follows Kim Soo-Hyun, a secret agent whose life is shattered when his wife becomes the victim of a brutal murder at the hands of the sadistic serial killer, Kyung-Chul.

Driven by grief and a desire for justice, Kim embarks on a relentless pursuit of the killer. He becomes a force to be reckoned with, inflicting severe beatings on Kyung-Chul, but always leaving him alive to repeat the punishment. However, Kim soon realizes that his decision not to kill the killer was a mistake, as Kyung-Chul continues his violent spree, claiming more innocent lives.

The film delves into the psychological toll of revenge and the fine line between good and evil. As Kim descends into darkness, he questions his own morality and struggles with the consequences of his actions. The relentless pursuit of vengeance consumes him, leading to a chilling game of cat and mouse between the two characters.

"I Saw The Devil" is known for its graphic and violent nature, which serves to depict the horrors of revenge and the depths to which one can sink when driven by rage and grief. It challenges viewers to confront their own notions of justice and morality, leaving a lasting impact with its visceral storytelling and exploration of human nature.

Please note that the film contains extremely graphic and violent scenes, and it may not be suitable for all viewers.